Project 1.3 Synopsis

28 Oct

In this segment of the project, I collected new images to go along with my text. I focused on the words “suspicious truth,” as they were the most prominent in my text composition. I began with many different ideas, but ultimately decided to go in a political and militaristic direction. I began working with an image of a couple in a field with a picnic basket. It seemed innocent and unassuming. I cut out the male, as he cluttered the space and I felt the female was a more connotatively nurturing figure. I was intrigued by the concealment the basket provided, and wanted something unexpected and violent to be emerging from it. I went with fighter jets. The simplistic, cartoon quality of the jets and the stars coming from them brings an oversimplification of militaristic violence to the piece which I feel brings a sense of unease to the viewer, forcing him to question his reactions to violence. The background I chose is from a disk tray design from a band called “As Cities Burn.” While I don’t expect the viewer to know this, I believe that recognition of the band’s name adds a whole new element to the violent nature of the whole piece. But even without that trivia, the background still achieves a sense of darkness. The grungy texture and dark, dirty colors make the sunny picnic basket image seem even that much more out of place. All together, the piece achieves a sense of unexpected violence as a “suspicious truth” concealed within what is seemingly innocent.


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