VIN Entry #5 – Habitus and Authorized Language

19 Nov

Every field of art exists prior to the artists who explore it. A large part of becoming an artist is deciding which field to pursue, and part of that decision comes from habitus. Habitus is a general sense of vocation. It is an unconscious leaning toward a concentration in the artistic world. For instance, one might be interested in the art world in general, and love to draw and paint, but always feel simply enchanted by design. This subconscious pull is habitus. A design student understands this concept by living it.

A picture of myself, feeling habitus toward design

A picture of myself, feeling habitus toward design

Authorized language dictates meaning through allowed use of words and phrases. The use of certain words in certain situations — for instance, naming something — only has meaning when used by the correct person. Artists take a great amount of liberty in authorized language, finding ironic ways to make themselves the authorized users of certain forms of language.


Katy Dawkins' piece 'Interference: Plaque'

Here, the artist clearly does not have the authority to create a plaque for official public display, but she has done it anyway with an offensive message to enhance the irony.


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