Type Project One

12 Jan


I took my assigned word, “desire,” and began to think about what desire means not only in its literal sense, but also as a prospect to the human psyche. I wanted to focus on what desire can do to a person. Desire causes us to set aside space, mentally and emotionally, to prepare for the eventual gain of whatever it is we long for. All too often, however, desire can consume us to a point that it becomes like a barrier between ourselves and what we wanted to begin with. It is this dark aspect of desire that I decided to explore in this piece. I placed the negative form of the word on a fence surrounding an abandoned, run-down building. Placing the word on the fence rather than the wall not only emphasizes the restricting nature of desire, but allows the shape of the fence distort the text. I felt distorted text would be effective because consuming desire distorts our perception of what we tell ourselves we want. Using the negative form of the word is symbolic of the emptiness of pure desire without action. The building is abandoned and disheveled, reflecting the way extreme desire can cause us to build up extravagant expectations that do not get met. Altogether, I feel the piece is coherent and effective, allowing the text to relate to and even signify its environment.


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