Type poster final

23 Feb


I chose the inaugural address of Calvin Coolidge given on March 4, 1925. Reading through the speech, the idea that stuck with me the most was that of toleration and unity. It was as if the same speech could stil be relevant today. Originally, I had chosen to focus on the word “toleration,” giving it by far the strongest visual weight. However, I ultimately decided that giving the viewer the idea of toleration without blatantly presenting it would be much more rewarding for myself and the viewer.

As I read and listen to speeches, I find that most of the words seem as if they are running together, bumping into each other and generally creating an ambiguous and unintelligible mess. This is the feeling I wanted to give the viewer; as if there is simply so much information that all runs together and seems to say the same thing that part of you doesn’t even want to try to read it. However, as in all good speeches, one idea shines through loud and clear. For this composition, it is what I feel to be the definition of toleration.

I set up my composition by first placing grid-lines that broke the space down into thirds both vertically and horizontally. I did not want my giant blocks of black text to line up perfectly, because I wanted to evoke a sense of slight disorder amongst an element that still seems to adhere to some sort of structure. Ironically, the only section of the speech that is truly disobedient to this order is the text about obedience.


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