Inspiration for Type Project #7

30 Mar

I am amazed at the depth El Lissitzky is able to convey with a few lines and different shades. His compositions are interesting and engaging, and pull the eye inward to play amidst various lines and shapes and colors.

I cannot wait to talk about this Josef Muller Brockmann piece. It is beautiful and functional. This circular composition became synonymous with Brockmann’s name and work, and for god reason. They are interesting, resolved and fluid while still creating a balance of negative space within themselves.

I think this Armin Hofmann piece is gorgeous. It’s so simple and yet so textural; it begs me to engage more than one sense while interacting with it.

This IBM poster by Lester Beall incorporates a color that I hate in a way that makes me not hate it as much.

I had to choose this Saul Bass poster for Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo because I had this poster hanging in my room in high school. I have always loved this style, with all it’s solidity and bizarre simplicity. It typically represents a simplistic and simultaneously completely warped view of everyday things. Like his poster for Henri’s Walk to Paris, with the characters made out of their descriptions.

Saul Bass Vertigo Poster

Saul Bass' Vertigo Poster

Saul Bass Henri Walks to Paris

Saul Bass' Henri Walks to Paris

This may sound a little silly, but a huge influence on my visual taste came from watching an extensive amount of Tom and Jerry cartoons as a child. I distinctly remember loving the way they looked above all other cartoons, especially in the episodes from the later 60’s directed by Chuck Jones. They usually involved Tom and Jerry going into space, with some futuristic backdrop and surroundings. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t find any copies of the episodes I’m thinking about, but I found this Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry cartoon on YouTube, you can watch the whole thing if you want, or just skip around, but pay close attention to the use of color and line, it’s all very American early-20th century.


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