And now for something completely different

2 Apr

This has little to nothing to do with my design escapades, but I had to share it with the world.

There’s this turkey. A frozen turkey like you buy at the grocery store that has been sitting on the side of the road on my route to school for a little over a week now. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought it might be a colorful children’s soccer ball, like this:


but when I realized it was this:


I thought to myself, “that’s hilarious and unexpected. I should take a picture.” But I didn’t because I was driving. That’s just dangerous. Everyday, I have seen this turkey on my way to school as it braves the elements and lies unperturbed. This morning, however, I noticed the turkey had been stripped of it’s protective plastic cover and was laid out spread eagle a few feet from it’s original resting place. It looks like an animal has gotten to it. This is even more interesting to me, as now this incredibly unnatural representation of a turkey is left to decompose naturally.
Thus, I have decided that if the turkey braves the storm tonight, I will take pictures everyday until it disappears, documenting it’s decomposition. This is simultaneously disgusting, hilarious, and all around interesting for me. That is all. For now.


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