Type Project #7

12 Apr

This was my favorite project to work on all semester. We were given the opportunity to choose a movie with the title featuring either a number or a 3-4 letter word, allowing the letter/number forms to be the prominent visual component of the piece. I chose the French movie District B13.

As you can see by the trailer, the movie is grungy and urban. After sifting through a lot of ideas (and sorting out the obvious and predictable solutions), I decided to take the poster in a totally unexpected direction with clean, precise lines and hard vector graphics. I chose a limited range of colors that would still offer me visual interest and depth. I loved the way the shapes created by the capital B and the number 3 echoed each other, so I made the decision to focus on that relationship and tuck the 1 within the 3, so it did not interrupt that moment but still read well within the final composition. We were to choose a quotation from the movie to be featured on the poster, and since the movie deals with the oppression of authority, I chose to juxtapose a quote about zombies with a corporate, authoritative yet anonymous figure. In the end, I believe I accomplished what I set after: a clean and straight-forward approach to a grungy movie.



One Response to “Type Project #7”

  1. brian April 12, 2009 at 11:59 pm #

    you had me at “quote about zombies” nice work!

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