Formally Resolved T-Shirts

8 Aug

As freshmen, whenever we couldn’t figure out why a piece wasn’t working, one of our foundation professors, Mr. Dan Bethune, used to ask us “is it formally resolved?” At first it was frustrating to get this knee-jerk response nearly everyday, but eventually it became a kind of joke. When our entire class was working in the FAC until the wee hours of the morning on our final project for Dan’s class, we made a list of Things We’d Rather Be Doing on the whiteboard. I wrote “make t-shirts with Dan’s face and the phrase, ‘formally resolve THIS!'” We left the list on the board for Dan to see the next morning, and he has been after us ever since to actually make the shirts. So I took a picture of him with my phone in class one day wearing a sombrero for some reason. Since it was a low-quality phone picture, I decided to make a vector graphic out of the picture. Here’s the finished product.


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