Type Project 2.2 Inspiration

25 Aug

I tend to like extremes. I either want to see things that are visually bombarding me with color and movement and shape or something that’s stark and clean and minimalist. So that is what I have collected: a series of extremes.

Each method has it’s own merit and difficulty. Each of these posters grabs my eye, albeit in different ways. My favorites are the “You are better than them” poster, the Young Monster “Died Young and Stayed Pretty” posters, and the gorgeous Twenty Three poster. I’d say they are also a good sampling of what I’ve presented here. The Young Monster posters represent a style I have always admired but found exceedingly difficult to accomplish. Whenever I try to produce something like this it always comes out looking contrived or unresolved. I would like to challenge myself to attempt a collage style like this, especially since most of my latest work has been leaning far to the minimalist side. There is, however, quite a lot to be said for the beauty of minimalism. I could look at that 23 poster all day. It bespeaks a certain elegance and poise. Minimalism is like the fine wine of the design world, where grungy collages are like cans of PBR. They both have their place, and preferring one does not necessarily mean you reject the other.


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