Cadek calendar and poster

9 Sep

On our first day back from the summer break we were handed this mess of a calendar and asked to make it functional:
At first I was resistant to a classic calendar format and tried to resolve a solution featuring only the holidays. None of those proved to be very user-friendly, though, and eventually I gave in and provided a functional and elegant solution:
The next phase of the process was to take this calendar and impose it onto a poster. Once again, I was resistant at first to something simple and elegant, as it seems to be a style I lately feel stuck in. Trying to produce something loud and busy and layered and grungy left me floundering in unfamiliar and excruciatingly ugly territory. So once again, I came back to the elegant and simple, producing this solution featuring the conducting pattern for a four beat measure:
As a whole, I am happy with how the poster eventually turned out, even though I had to drag myself through several different styles to get there.


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