Tubatomic and Medium (day 1)

1 Oct

While our benevolent captain Leslie is off in the land of kangaroos making web design awesomeness, she has left us in the very capable hands of some industry professionals from Medium and Tubatomic. Today, we got the opportunity to learn from George Bairaktaris and Alex Ogle from Tubatomic and Mat Turner from Medium. They talked a lot about why they do what they do and what drew them to their respective fields. We spoke about the basic principles of web design and how to talk to clients.

My favorite things that were said:

“Be motivated to keep learning; the field is constantly changing. Not only that, but be motivated to be flexible, because clients are always changing their minds” – George

“Don’t get discouraged when you don’t know a lot, because that little bit of knowledge you have might be something that someone with ten years of experience may not know.” – Alex

“When you’ve looked at something for two weeks straight, of course you’re going to hate it. But don’t throw it out. The client hasn’t seen it yet, and what you hate, someone else will love. Trust yourself, and trust your talent.” – Mat

We were talking about how great it is that the internet affords us this medium through which we can instantly get stuff out to the rest of the world. We could go home tonight, shoot a cool video, upload it to YouTube and by tomorrow half the world’s seen it. Or, we could develop the newest social media craze, which we started working on here:
It’s called Gadzoooo-k’z. Go ahead and get your profile together. Next big thing.

Also, George and Mat drew this cat:
He’ll likely be our mascot. Amazing.


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