Medium and Allegra (Class two without Leslie)

8 Oct

Tuesday we got to hear from Josiah Roe and Becca Reese from Medium. Josiah gave a presentation on web design process and had some really insightful advice for functional and effective web design. It was fantastic to hear from them both, and I really appreciate them coming out. Thanks, Josiah and Becca!

We then used our break to go, as a class, to Wally’s to rock some serious breakfast action before heading over to Allegra Print and Imaging. It was a really great experience; Todd Oates was fantastic and showed us how they do everything in the shop from design work to printing, die cutting, binding and laminating. I had no idea that my friend Andy worked there, and it was a pleasant surprise to see him. They gave us a lot of amazing schwag, including a water bottle, personalized stickers and personalized pads of stationary. By far my favorite part of the whole trip was the press room, though. The process was fascinating and actually watching the machines work was enchanting. I want to go back so badly just to spend more time in that room. Thanks so much, Allegra, I really appreciated how welcoming, gracious and engaging you guys were!


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