Times Free Press Tour

13 Oct

Thursday we got to tour the Chattanooga Times Free Press, which was amazing. Frank Anthony, the VP of operations, gave us our tour. The building was built with beautiful, blue collar architecture with exposed supports and double-layered maple hardwood flooring to handle the weight of machines. We went by the museum (or “newseum” as they called it) first, and saw some amazing old printing presses and a linotype machine. We toured the offices and then came to the big momma…the printing room. The presses weren’t running, so we were able to hear everything our gracious host was telling us, which was nice. This also afforded us the opportunity to walk around and underneath the machines, seeing up close exactly how they work. The giant vats of ink were fantastic, and I firmly believe we should invest in the same for the Epson printer at school. I don’t know where we’d store them, and I don’t care. Let’s just make that happen. The tour was fantastic and I really appreciated how lively and welcoming Frank and the rest of the staff were. Austin and TJ took quite a bunch of pictures, and here are some of my favorites:


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