Coding and Printing: Medium, Tubatomic and Williams

14 Oct

Yesterday was a whirlwind of information and I loved every second of it. We started our morning learning a handful of CSS and html from Noah Burney and Stephen Bush from Medium and Jason Fritz from Tubatomic. They gave us some basic code and walked us through it in Text Wrangler. We then played with writing some code and experimenting with CSS. It was a really fantastic exercise and I learned some great new things, but also found that I already knew a lot more code than I realized. Coding was a lot more fun than I expected it to be; it’s like learning a foreign language and I really enjoyed being able to see my output immediately. I’m all about the immediate gratification. Here’s a look at a little bit of what we did:
Picture 4
If you can read that, you can see that our output was hilariously cheesy.

We then headed off to Williams Visual Solutions where, after missing a couple of turns, were welcomed by an incredibly friendly staff who were more than happy to show us around. We were led through the maze of printing awesomeness by Bubba Williams(the company’s namesake) and David Smith, the director of business development. There was so much to see, we ended up having to cut the tour a little short. I’ll admit, it may have been our fault for asking so many questions about the super-impressive HP Indigo Press 5000.
We may or may not have spent a lot of our time in there being crazy impressed and interested. At 70 sheets a minute, the Indigo is considerably slower than their offset printer (which prints a few thousand per minute), but allows a lot more control as it takes variable data, allowing minor changes to be made without having to send the whole file back to the design department. Really cool.
Also really cool, the awesome people at Williams had a sneaky group shot of us gawking at the Indigo printed and ready for us as a parting gift by the time we left.
All photos courtesy of TJ Bowman.


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