Web in the Wild logo

5 Nov

Logo design was a totally new venture for me. This was the first logo I’ve ever designed, and it was frustrating to flounder through a new process. To be fair, the process was familiar (in terms of thumbnails, sketches, rough drafts, etc) but it was a whole new way of thinking for me. I am used to having a whole canvas through which to convey information; having to think about how to pack information into a single logo (and whether that was even the best idea) was totally new for me.

Web in the Wild is a fictional conference for both professionals and students in the field of web design, and offers three different tracks: design, development and education. My initial thought was to give a pictorial representation of the three tracks, but it was difficult to pull off without looking either too girly or too “green.” I finally came up with an image that I felt was strong. I developed the image out of the typeface that I used, but it was so strong that it clashed with my type. I had two strong elements fighting to coexist.

After a long and frustrating process, I finally ended up with a type-based logo, much like the logos of existing conferences. I am happy with my final result, and plan to use the image I created elsewhere in the brand as sort of a secondary logo (or at least a very prominent design element).


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