Fond: Foundations for Creative Cooking

20 Nov

I’ve published a book! My last project that has devoured my time and energy was a collection of recipes presented in a book that I designed and shot all the photography for. I published it through the print-on-demand self-publishing company, Lulu.

A fond (pronounced “fawn”) in French cuisine refers to the little browned bits left in the pan after meat is cooked. These brown bits are deglazed from the pan (usually with wine) to create the base of many different sauces. I felt this to be an appropriate title for the project as I hoped to create a solid foundation for many different styles of cooking.

I set out to create a comprehensive introductory guide to the world of cooking for young adults who have no idea where to start in the kitchen. However, as I began working and time became a factor, I realized that this idea, while solid, was simply over-ambitious for the amount of time I had to complete the project. Therefore, I decided to do the recipe section only, while still sticking within my established design motif so that I might be able to revisit the project at a later date when time is more leisurely.

I filled it with all original photography of featured ingredients for each dish. This was also a decision affected by time as well as money. It would have simply been too expensive and too time-consuming to cook and photograph each of the recipes featured. It was far cheaper and more efficient to photograph one or two ingredients at a time. I also feel that this is more interesting as most recipe books feature photographs of the full dish. Cooking is a personal experience, and while it is true that we indeed eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths, the look of these dishes is dependent on many unseen factors (i.e. the kind of ingredients, the quality of the cookware, or the cook herself).

While I was not able to complete the exact project I set out to do, I am still very happy with the way the final product turned out. If you want to see the whole book, you’ll just have to buy it. But here’s my cover (front, back and spine) and a few spreads to whet your appetite (pun absolutely intended):


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