CSS Zen Garden Submission

3 Dec

For my CSS Zen Garden submission, I wanted to do something playful and fun. I was inspired by one of my most favorite foods: sushi. I love sushi not only because it is delicious, but because it presents itself as an unapologetically simple and elegant food. While it is small and compact, it is teeming with complex flavor that requires a master’s hand to create. I wanted my CSS Zen Garden submission to evoke the same qualities. Later, when I have to make this functional through HTML and CSS, I will be able to do so easily since I kept this in mind while creating my design. I wanted my page to look like it belonged sitting on the bar of a sushi restaurant next to the soy sauce. The background image is a bamboo sushi mat, which set the mood perfectly. Since it would cause legibility problems to place text on top of this extremely textured background, I created a body background to look like tea-stained paper for all the copy to sit upon. To further the stain motif, I created bullet points out of what looks like drops of soy sauce. I chose a color palate that both reflects and compliments the natural colors of sushi. My typography reflects the simple sophistication of sushi. I am very happy with the way the project came out. Like sushi itself, I kept it all really simple and straightforward, while still emoting a sense of elegance.


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