Printing Term: Overprinting

3 Dec

I was assigned the term “overprinting” as my printing term for this project. After researching the term, I found that overprinting with black is closely related to trapping. Overprinting is the process of printing one layer of color over a previously printed layer of color to avoid awkward white spaces between two abutting color objects. The awkward white spaces are caused by a mis-registration of plates in the spot-color printing process. They can be avoided by trapping the color with overprinting black on top of colors. However, trapping is not the only thing overprinting is used for. It is also used to knock out color when the artwork does not share common ink colors and you want to create a trap or overlaid ink effects. It was this use of overprinting that I focused on in my designs for the poster, presentation, handouts and t-shirt representing the concept of overprinting. I learned how to create a simulated overprint in Illustrator, which I used to create the poster, handouts and presentation. For the t-shirt, I hand-painted a silk screen and screen-printed with colors I mixed myself. All of my imagery is original and I kept my typography simple, bold and strong, as a daintier typeface would not hold up against all the overlaying effects. I also made the choice to keep my color palate close to primary colors, as they create the best effects when overprinted together. I am very happy with the results.



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