The last day of Medium and Tubatomic

5 Dec

Sadly, I realized that I totally forgot to write about the final day that Josiah and Alex from Medium and Tubatomic (respectively) came to speak to our class while Leslie was away a few weeks ago. We spent that day discussing what it looks like to work at a design studio in Chattanooga. We discussed time management and project outlining, asking them how they organize how time will be spent on a project. Seeing that clients are charged based on how many hours a project will take to complete, time management is paramount to running the business. Even so, a designer’s work is never done, and Josiah let us in on a secret — he almost never stops working.
We also talked about the importance of a good looking resume. Being involved in professional organizations like AIGA and taking initiative with your career to promote yourself through things like blogs, Twitter, Behance and Krop are extremely important; especially for young designers. However, that’s not quite enough to make a truly impressive resume. Because you are a designer who will be sending your resume out to other designers (who are more experienced than you), your resume better look good. Use your design knowledge to make your resume not only have awesome things to say about you, but also about your skills. Alex and Josiah both agreed that your personality is equally important as your skills. They want to hire someone who will not only produce great work, but also get along with everyone else in the studio. Design is a social profession, and a strong creative base of peers will create a productive and successful studio. It was a morning of great conversation and invaluable advice. Thank you so much, Alex and Josiah!


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