K2S logo

15 Feb

I did a freelance job recently for a woman in town who runs a company called “Keys 2 Success,” (please note the new branding may not be featured yet on the site) which offers business consulting through personal growth. I knew that developing a logo with a key graphic would be boring and expected. I felt that what would really represent her and her company well would be a strong yet approachable typographic logo. I began working in sans-serif typefaces, but they all felt far too blunt and harsh. I experimented with a few options before turning to one of my favorite typefaces, Hoefler Frere-Jones’ © Archer. I chose to shorten the name into the initials “K2S,” and focus on a sense of an enveloping and supportive community through connected type forms.

Here’s the coolest part about this logo, though. As some of you may know, the ever-amazing Dan Cederholm has created a community for designers to upload, share and comment on each other’s work in the form of cropped screenshots — a sneak peak of what they’re currently working on. It’s called Dribbble, and no, that extra “b” is not a typo. It’s a pretty fantastic thing to be a part of; getting to watch the processes of some of the world’s design superheroes doing what they do best. Really exciting stuff to watch. I miraculously scored an invite to the site (still in beta) a few months ago, and have been really enjoying the experience. I uploaded the K2S logo, and check out the comment I got:

HOLY COW. Jonathan Hoefler. I cried a little and called my mom. I was so humbled by his comment. For sure a HUGE highlight of my design career.


One Response to “K2S logo”

  1. brian March 28, 2010 at 11:27 pm #

    That’s fuckin’ awesome, Beth! Congrats!

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