More geometry deliciousness

6 Apr

I’ve been working on a few major projects right now with long turn-around times, and don’t want to post on them until they are finished. This is why lately my posts have been inspiration-based. Soon my projects will be done and I will post on them. But until then… Okay, enough explaining myself.

Here are some simply gorgeous aerial shots of landscapes formed by agriculture into geometric beauty, photographed by satellites orbiting the planet and even astronauts at the International Space Station. The colors, the textures, the topography, the geometry, it’s all just so beautiful.

Finney County, southwest Kansas

the Gezira irrigation fields in Al Jazirah, Sudan, one of the largest irrigation systems in the world

the green of fields surrounding the Nile as it passes Luxor

salt ponds in Nueva Victoria, Chile, at the heart of the Atacama Desert

where rainforest used to abound near Sao Paolo

Kansas, US


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