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Netflix infographic

2 Jun

So I noticed in my Facebook feed a lot of comments on a post that Netflix had made. Out of sheer curiosity, I began reading them, and out of sheer entertainment, felt compelled to make an infographic about them. So I did. Here it is. Click the image for a larger version.


You can call it a comeback

9 Aug

WOW it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I apologize for my neglect. My time and attention have been eaten away by several big, exciting projects that I fully intend to share with you over the next few days. For now, I will give you a summation of my time away from WordPress and a preview of the blogs you can expect to see very, very soon:

I spent the spring semester engrossed in creating the branding for the 2010 AIGA Leadership Retreat that was held here in Chattanooga in June. This was a project that my classmates and I worked on collaboratively, having been split into three task forces (Printed Materials, Web/Social Media and Environmental Graphics). I was the leader of the Print Team, and as such assumed a great deal of responsibility that kept my hands tied most of the time. More about this awesome and hectic experience later.

Once the retreat was over, I took a few days to recuperate with an awesome friend and a lot of laughter. This amazing friend happens to brew his own fine alcoholic beverages, which I felt needed some humorous branding. I quickly obliged. A post on this later.

I then came back to Widgets & Stone, the lovely studio who hired me as a Designer after having me as an intern for only 5 months. It has been nothing short of an amazing experience to be a part of the Widgets team. We’ve done some awesome things since I last blogged. I was even allowed to take lead on a couple of projects. Again, more on these later.

Early in the summer, the extraordinarily talented and quirky Terry Chouinard came to the studio to host a letterpress lecture and workshop, which was so, so much fun. I learned so much from him and his humor kept everyone in the workshop in high spirits. It was a really enjoyable experience that gave me the confidence and knowledge to attempt a letterpress project of my own. Again, a later post (we’re up to what, at least 4 now? Good grief…)

So, a lot has happened. A lot will continue to happen. And I will blog about it. Be prepared.

Treble Clef Phoenix

15 Aug

Knocking around in Illustrator one day, I built this phoenix out of a treble clef. I was really happy with it, and showed it to some of my friends. My friend Robby asked if he could get it as a tattoo, and I was delighted to apply color to the design for him. Here is the black and white version as well as the colored version for Robby.



Formally Resolved T-Shirts

8 Aug

As freshmen, whenever we couldn’t figure out why a piece wasn’t working, one of our foundation professors, Mr. Dan Bethune, used to ask us “is it formally resolved?” At first it was frustrating to get this knee-jerk response nearly everyday, but eventually it became a kind of joke. When our entire class was working in the FAC until the wee hours of the morning on our final project for Dan’s class, we made a list of Things We’d Rather Be Doing on the whiteboard. I wrote “make t-shirts with Dan’s face and the phrase, ‘formally resolve THIS!'” We left the list on the board for Dan to see the next morning, and he has been after us ever since to actually make the shirts. So I took a picture of him with my phone in class one day wearing a sombrero for some reason. Since it was a low-quality phone picture, I decided to make a vector graphic out of the picture. Here’s the finished product.

Sandon’s 23rd birthday octopus cake

1 Aug

My dear friend Sandon is turning 23 next week, so we threw him an early birthday extravaganza. The party lasted 12 hours and included a barbeque grill, badminton, cornhole, water balloons, water guns and a slip-n-slide. It was so much fun. Since Sandon’s favorite animal is the elegant and graceful octopus, I made him this octopus cake. Details on my process can be found here, in my new cooking blog:


Sandon’s flyer

22 Jul

So I’m throwing my friend Sandon a huge summertime fun birthday bash complete with a barbeque grill, badminton, frisbee, kickball, and a kiddie pool shaped like a shark. I also put together this flyer for him, featuring his face and his favorite animal. sandonflyer

Don’t get rusty, now

8 Jul

I’m currently hanging out in Florida on a family vacation, but saw no reason I shouldn’t be doing design just to keep up practice. So, I made a simple album cover for one of my favorite bands, Beirut. Just cause.