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Games invading your life

8 Mar

Okay, I know I just posted yesterday, and I generally try to space these out, but I just saw this video and had to share. It’s Jesse Schell, a professor at Carnegie Melon talking about how gaming has begun to creep into reality in some really incredible and psychological ways. As a game designer, he wraps the presentation in the question, “imagine how great this will be when it’s designed!” Watch it through until the end, the second half is the best part.

Embeding SWF in WordPress is a pain, so I’m sorry, but I’m going to need to just link it instead.

He begins with some small, clever possibilities, and increasingly explores more and more incredible implications of how game-thinking can change social, educational and economical behavior. It’s really incredible to think about, albeit a little spooky.


I love the future!

2 Feb

Okay, if you love watching internet videos as much as I do, you’re going to love this post.

So lately I’ve been mildly obsessed with futurism. Not the Marinetti’s-crazy-manifesto-birthed Italian art movement from the early 20th century. I’m talking about the futurists of today..the scientists, engineers, designers and other brilliant people who imagine and innovate to envision the future of humanity, technology and everything:

Brian David Johnson on being an Intel futurist

The Morrow Project is this incredible book that I haven’t finished reading yet in which four different authors describe a typical day in the typical life of the typical person in the freaking future. Intel has provided the whole book as a free pdf download here. Brian David Johnson is the Head Futurist (I so love that that’s a job) at Intel, and he’s all about using science fiction narratives as a jumping off point to begin the discussion about the actual future.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what draws me to futurism today. I don’t care if you’re not a geek, everybody loves a good science fiction story. Everybody wants their own robot butler and flying car. I mean Threadless even sells a shirt about it:

When I was younger, I loved cartoons like every good kid is supposed to. Some of my favorites, though, were “home of tomorrow” themed. I loved them because they seemed at once ridiculous and attainable. Some of you may have seen the 1967 Wink Martindale film, “1999 AD,” as it’s made its rounds on the internet recently. I’ll post for you part two of three (all three parts can be found on YouTube):

1999 AD

This film, produced by Philco-Ford (company acquisitions and nonsense…look it up), is eerily close to predicting the modern conveniences of today. What I find fascinating about this film is that the concepts for these conveniences were there, but they were wrapped in the context of the technology that was available at the time. While seeing a fax machine hailed as the future brings us a laugh, it immediately raises the question: what do we think is awesome now that will look like a pile of dog poop in fifteen years? And what will be the technological advancement that makes it look so? The same questions are raised by this much more recent (1994) excerpt from the Today Show:

What is the internet, anyway?

Hilarious. Also, exciting. Exciting because technology is advancing at exponential speed. Exciting because the future is going to blow everyone’s minds. All your 2012 nonsense aside, imagine how awesome 2030’s going to be. YES, PLEASE.

I love watching people who are thinking about these kinds of things and sharing them with the world. Design thinking combined with technological advancements is going to make the future incredible. But you know, the future we live in now is already pretty incredible. I know a lot of you have seen what Louis C.K. had to say on Conan, but to remind you of how right he was:

Everything’s amazing, and nobody’s happy

So very true. What we have now is indeed amazing. Which makes what the future holds downright mind-blowing. Here are some of my favorite projects I’ve found on the internets:

How can we make mobile communication more emotional?

Electrolux “Heart of the Home”

Microsoft Future Vision Montage

Philips “Daylight Window”

IDEO Future of the Book

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

The William: The Stove Top of the Future

So there’s a quick glance at what I’ve been doing around the internet lately, and where some of my latest inspiration is coming from. I leave you now with a link to this article from Impact Lab on what the future may very well hold for us.